What Makes an Elite Cheerleader, Elite?

Elite cheerleading requires a person to possess a certain set of unique skills and talents in order to succeed in the world of cheerleading. It is a reality that elite cheerleading is not for everybody. Some of the above talents must be practiced or learned although some of these abilities may come naturally or innate in a person. If these abilities are not evident, it may prevent the person from obtaining success in the world of cheerleading.

Characteristics of Elite Cheerleading

Physical Aspect:

Strength: In elite cheerleading, each squad member must know how to tumble, stunt and jump. These entire activities are the things that are needed for to gain a substantial amount of strength. Potential cheerleader may not be successful if they are not strong enough in executing things.

Stamina: Cheerleading is considered as a strenuous sport. They are expected to perform jumps, stunts, tumbling, and motions as they yell at the top of their voices. All of these must be done without any kind of breaks.

Coordination: Every member must be coordinated with each other in terms of motions in cheering and music. Everyone must be on beat.

Flexibility: This is very important in the aesthetic aspect of elite cheerleading. The jumps and motions made by cheerleaders are more pleasing and much prettier to watch if there is flexibility.


Cheerful: One of the purposes of cheerleading is to thrill and excite the crowds. Therefore, they must always wear smile and be cheerful even in gloomy days. Pessimistic attitudes and gloomy dispositions are not suited for elite cheerleading.

Enthusiasm: They are required to try new things, interact with strangers, and work with people and drawing attention with themselves at competitions. In order to achieve that, they must be passionate and enthusiastic as well.

Dedication: This is important especially when it comes to practices. You must extend extra-mile to keep on time and always ready to participate even in a simple practice. The process of being in elite cheerleading will not be easy if you do not have dedication packed in you.

Teamwork: There is no individual moment in cheerleading. Every member is important to each other. They must work together in order to achieve the group’s goal. Every member must be willing to work with each other in spite of differences. It will make everything easy resulting to healthy relationship.

Respect: It is important to preserve respect from each member of the team. Respect must always be practiced with the team’s coach. You can never be an elite cheerleader if you do not know who to practice the value of respect.


Eating Habits: It is important for cheerleaders of having good and healthy eating habits. The body of every cheerleader must be maintained thru eating nutritious foods. If they have overweighed it may add extra strain resulting for an easy way of acquiring injuries.

Good grades: Even though they are engage in this extra-curricular activity, their academics must not be compromised. They will not be allowed to be part of elite cheerleading if they have failing grades.

Being an elite cheerleader is a dream of everybody. Thus, the process of obtaining such may not be as easy as you think. But there is nothing to lose hope. You can be part of such team if you consider the things that will make you such.