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www.EliteCheerMusic.com USA Cheer Approved/Compliant “custom mixes” are part of the Cheerleading Dance Music Inc. family of cheer services, Cheerleading Dance Music Inc. is a Preferred Cheer & Dance Team Music Provider by USA Cheer.

The very best Elite Cheer Music produced by djENCI™

You have found the newest source for the finest Elite Cheer Music available.  Our custom mixes are priced at just $799 and include all premium voice overs, including raps and sing song melodies, sound effects, and unlimited edits (if needed).  Don’t miss out on the Hottest and Newest Elite Cheer Music service!

“Premade” Elite Cheer Music currently only available through


(Legitmix is not currently a preferred provider for USA Cheer, however their mixes can be used for many traditional cheer purposes like “In House” performances, camps, half-time/time-outs, etc…for more info on how premade elite cheer music can be used contact support@legitmix.com)

($49 for a 2:30) via legitmix.com.  Add your own voice overs and have a great sounding mix for under $99 dollars (only $15 per voice over).  The best part is, this service is totally legal and supports the producers, artists, and record companies at the same time by using the legitmix service to deliver all of our mixes!

Just add CheerVO™ – The same quality and production that goes into a National Champions mix at the US Finals, or one of our International Worlds teams in Orlando.  All cheerleading mixes include sound effects. Easily instantly download your favorite mix and bundle with CheerVO

*Premade Elite Cheer Music, found on legitmix, is not currently approved for USA Cheer use.

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Elite Cheer Music 130
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What Makes an Elite Cheerleader, Elite?

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